Business Resources and Services from Disability Awareness Author / Speaker Gary Karp

The Costs of Misunderstanding
Disability in Workplace Culture

It's Expensive to Get It Wrong

Modern Disability is about business. It's not about charity. It's not about making sacrifices.

Modern Disability is about a dramatic, new trut. A story: people with disabilities have seen amazing, historic changes in their lives that have removed artificial obstacles and expanded possibilities on an immense scale.

That means business. That means a pool of talent that is poorly understood, if at all. That means people who are your customers with real and growing disposable incomes

Here are some key points about the Business Case for workers with disabilities:

  • Our information economy is much less about physical labor.A Little More
  • Anyone can drive a computer.A Little More
  • Disability Management has more keeping people working.A Little More
  • More people with disabilities are educated and career-oriented.A Little More
  • No law says you have to.A Little More
  • Good management requires understanding the actual, current circumstances that surround a business, and being informed of the resources available for that organization to achieve its goals. Managing change is a priority, and disability has changed radically.

    It's time to get up to speed.


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